Six Months in Wonderland
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About the Author...

Gail Foster had a typical 1950s Hobart suburban childhood and an atypical 1960s bush adolescence with parents, three brothers and a large menagerie of domestic animals and wildlife.

She married in an era of mixed messages. Her mother’s injunction to ‘make the man think it was his idea’ still resonated in an age when feminists were urging bra burning. Gail has been married for 30 years; 24 of those to her first husband with whom she co-authored three delightful children. She has been happily married to her present husband for six years.

Gail teaches what she has learnt from being married, divorced and finding a soulmate in mid-life. She has written and teaches ‘How to find the love you want’ at Adult Education. She has also taught classes on Life Coaching principles and taught life skills to adults and young people suffering from mental illness.

Gail has qualifications in nursing, child care, social work, mental health, teaching and life coaching. Job experiences include Surgical and Geriatric Nurse, child carer, polling official, Child Care Advisor, Case Manager for at risk youth, Community Support Worker at The Richmond Fellowship (for young people with mental illness), Inpatient Program Coordinator, Mental Health First Aid facilitator, Job Capacity Assessor, Life Coach, Teacher, Group Facilitator and Fieldworker for GROW (mental health support groups).

Gail Foster, author

Her hobbies include playing violin in a community orchestra and maintaining a large network of family and friends. She is addicted to reading and gardening. She has a permanent library fine for overdue gardening books. She is besotted with her three gorgeous grand-daughters.