Six Months in Wonderland
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Six Months in Wonderland

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"Six Months in Wonderland" is a true story, set in the beautiful island of Tasmania, Australia, "under the shadow of the mountain". A story of family, faith and love, of freedom versus fundamentalism. In this captivating book you will find:
Peacocks on the roof, 1967 bushfires, Mt St Canice boiler explosion, dodging the knife throwing of a "delinquent girl", love in a boarding school, the Granville train disaster, a murderer in the violin class, the Port Arthur massacre, divorce, working with the drugged, violent and mentally challenged.
How to retrieve contact lenses from a drain, how not to clean thermometers, how to increase biceps while making bread, living with bats, leeches and a soap eating rat.
Bringing up a baby while writing a thesis, cosmetics from the kitchen, cheap holiday options, finding your dream man, a wedding on a budget, leaving fundamentalism, finding freedom.
The power of family, friends, purpose, music, nature, beauty, books and "a good cup of tea"!

This is a Tasmanian book with universal themes. Wonderland is a place and also an attitude - an attitude of hope, love and humour.

"Six Months in Wonderland" is a beautiful hard copy book, illustrated with numerous colour photos.

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